TO THE SUN, 17*11,5 cm

TO THE SUN, 17*11,5 cm

Atmospheric abstract drawing for sale with a dark autumn forest "TO THE SUN".


"I must have spent several hours thinking, walking among the autumn trees and rustling the leaves under my feet. "Where am I going and what is waiting for me there?", I asked myself.


I walked along the path for a long time, not knowing where I was going. I was full of doubts and confused thoughts. My thoughts were like a swarm of bees that buzzed and haunted me.


The forest was unfamiliar, thick and dark, but not at all frightening. I felt as if he had hidden me from everyone. As if he gave me time to think.


Finally, the trees parted and showed me the way out of the forest. Colorful autumn leaves waved in the wind, as if welcoming me. I took a few more steps toward the sun. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath of the cool autumn air, and all my doubts vanished in the soft light."


The specified size of  17*11.5 cm is the size of the drawing itself, without the white border.