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Hi! I`m artist Veronika Kryukova.

I create abstract landscapes inspired by nature.

I am attracted to secluded, quiet places where everyone can be alone with themselves. My deep, muted works immerse the viewer and prompt reflection.

My works are an offer to listen to yourself, get rid of the pretense, discover what's inside, be honest and live your own life.

I find the understatement and incompleteness of the work funny and attractive.
At the same time, I strive for a unified visual and tactile aesthetics, so I pay great attention to working with the texture of the material, creating matte, rough surfaces.

Acrylic ink paint
Acrylic ink paint


Veronika Kryukova was born in 1994 in the Far East near the coast of the Sea of Japan, in Russia.

Her grandmother instilled in her a love of painting and nature, and her father instilled in her.

In 2008, she entered the Marx Children's Art School, where Veronika was immediately accepted into the second grade, and from the third she immediately moved to the fourth. So, in 2009, she received a diploma with honors in fine arts.

Due to some events, she did not paint for several years, and in 2019 decided to make painting the main business of her life.

Now the artist is in search of an inner style, which is becoming more and more obvious. She is attracted to the philosophy of wabi-sabi.


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I regularly talk about my works and notes from my life at sea.

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