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I regularly study cultural studies, psychology, and neuroaesthetics to create such images not only intuitively, but also consciously.

My art is a mixture of science and creativity.


I am inspired by autumn, fog, rain and cloudy weather. I love it for the silence of empty streets, fresh cool air and muted soft colors. For the special cozy and warmth that arise at home.

Hi! I`m Veronika Kryukova, I live in the South of Russia, surrounded by the sea and green mountains.

My deep desire is to help people.

When I started creating my paintings, people started telling me that my paintings calmed them down and that people felt better.

Then I decided that this would be my goal in the coming years: to have a beneficial effect on people's feelings through painting.

It is proved that more than 90% of all human diseases are caused by nervous overstrain. Therefore, calmness heals and prevents any illness.


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I regularly talk about my artworks and notes from my life.

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