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as well as for the special comfort and warmth that arise at home.

People say my paintings are soothing. I create deep, atmospheric works that make you think. I use smooth subtle transitions, a small number of colors and objects.

Hi! I`m artist Veronika Kryukova.

I see beauty in riddles.

I live in the south of Russia, surrounded by the sea and green mountains.

Mysterious landscapes inspire me. In real life, autumn, fog and rain seem exactly like this to me.

I love it for the silence of empty free streets, fresh cool air and muted soft colors,


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I regularly talk about my works and notes from my life at sea.

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Acrylic painting castle on Lake Bled

Acrylic painting castle on Lake Bled

Acrylic painting castle on Lake Bled

Tutorial acrylic ink painting technique ⚫

💫 Soon tutorials of acrylic ink painting techniques on canvas

Acrylic ink painting techniques | Atmospheric abstract landscape painting on canvas.