Moody landscape painting for sale with autumn of a lone tree in a field, flying birds on the canvas  "MYSTERIOUS FIELD".


Greenish, reddish-orange colors and high contrast immerse you in your own memories. Suitable for those who are tired of the worldly bustle.

I really like its atmospheric mix of stormy red, lilac and warm green tones. They are deep, frightening, but fascinating. Strong, in a word.

I don't think this picture is negative. I see it as isolated, thought-provoking. I see an autumn field there after the rain. Someone saw it as a terrifying burned field. So be it. Others saw in them their difficult time, which has already passed. Someone saw in it the desired peace. For me, everything is better than a hollow canvas.


I create atmospheric landscapes that evoke emotions. All paintings are presented on eco-friendly high-quality canvases of fine grain. I appreciate grace and quality in everything.


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