ASCENT, 60*80 cm

ASCENT, 60*80 cm



Large abstract painting for a modern interior with a misty waterfall "Ascent".


"What's up there? Do I see green hills, or are they thick clouds that have hidden the light behind them? There is no one in this place. There is nothing in it. From the center of the light flows an icy river with water as clear as crystal. The river turns into a waterfall with endlessly flowing water, calling us to eternity. The water is hidden behind a slow-moving fog. I can hear it making a noise. But I can't hear where it lands. I'd like to know what's behind that green haze. I want to go even higher."


I love this job so much! This is lovely! Now I'm talking about energy. This is exactly what I want to convey-calm and peace. I like that the colors are muted. This is what gives the effect of immersion. I made a lot of layers to achieve this smooth transition of colors and shadows.


This is the first picture I created in 2020. I hope people will like what I draw and want to buy it for themselves so that I can continue to create more.


By the way, on my YouTube channel I will show the process of creating it. If you're interested, come in. There is a link in my profile.


The painting has a light metallic luster due to the ink based on natural graphite!